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May is Fibromyalgia Awareness Month

From The by Pat Patrick

What is Fibromyalgia? Why should anyone be aware of an ongoing chronic pain disorder if it doesn’t affect them?

For the person with Fibromyalgia, they will tell you it’s a big deal. This chronic pain condition affects many areas of daily living. It affects their sleep; their diet; their mental and physical health.

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10 Foods that Fight Pain

From The Times of India by Shruti Pandit

You are what you eat is what most say; and it's true to a certain extent. Like counsellor Deepa Shah says, "Your eating habits attribute a lot to your attitude. Therefore I advise my clients to have a balanced diet."

Rahul Barpute, personal trainer, says that pain, which can keep you from exercising regularly, can be controlled by dietary changes. "Weight loss helps pain control, but often pain forces you not to exercise. It's therefore important to eat properly."

We have, after talking to dieticians and nutritionists come with 10 fit foods for pain fighting...

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Single Question Flags Depression in Chronic Pain

From Family Practice News by Sherry Boschert

A single question asked of patients whose pain interferes with their activities may help identify those who also are depressed and rule out those without depression.

Investigators analyzed data on 5,595 participants in the National Epidemiologic Study for Alcohol and Related Conditions (NESARC) who said that pain interfered with their work inside and outside the home "quite a bit" or "extremely" during the past 4 weeks. When asked, "How much of the time during the past 4 weeks have you felt downhearted or depressed?" 33% answered, "None of the time" and 67% responded, "A little," "Some," "Most," or "All of the time...."

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What You Need to Know About Pain

From WebMD by Christina Boufis

As with other subjective experiences, such as love, fear, or anger, there's no way to objectively measure pain. We asked Sean Mackey, MD, PhD, chief of the Pain Management Division and associate professor of anesthesia at Stanford University School of Medicine, to explain the unpleasant sensation we all feel in different ways...

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Role of the Brain in Chronic Pain: Painfully Absent in Medical Curricula

From Decoded Science by C. Marie Jones

In spite of astonishing medical discoveries in the treatment of chronic pain, the faculty of medical schools in the United States and Canada largely ignore the study of pain management. The Neuro Orthopedic Institute in Australia is planning an international conference in April 2012, in the hopes of promoting education about chronic pain among both medical professionals and the public...

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Millions of Americans in Pain Without Medication

Millions of Americans are showing up at pharmacies, in pain but without prescriptions, as physicians — fearful of drug abuse — hesitate to prescribe pain medications, according to two recent reports...

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