About Us

My MD Clinic is revolutionizing the pain management field through telemedicine. We offer effective, affordable and convenient healthcare for your chronic pain conditions.

My MD Clinic is a telemedicine technology provider as well as a physician referral service. The field of telemedicine is rapidly evolving and patients can now communicate with their physicians over the phone and computer for follow up consultations. Once an initial face-to-face Medical Evaluation has been completed, our network practitioners will be able to use telemedicine technology for follow up consultations. No need to travel once a month for your follow up care anymore! Now you can speak with your practitioner from your home, avoiding hassles like long lines, waiting rooms and traffic.

Chronic pain relief depends on being honest about your pain and finding the right medical professionals to treat it. Let us help you find a specialist in your area. Our network of practitioners specializing in chronic pain continue to grow throughout the United States. If you would like to schedule a Medical Evaluation with one of our practitioners, click the Register tab at the top of the page.

For more information about My MD Clinic, please contact us.